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Ibanez ATK-305BK front serial #

Guild B4CE front back serial # label bridge-pins

Tobias Growler front serial #

Tobias Killer B front serial #

Warwick Thumb 5 FL front back serial #

Rickenbacker 4001 FL (1977) front serial #

Rickenbacker 4003 (1997) front serial #

Fender Precision FL (1972) front back head serial #

Tacoma Thunder Chief CB10E4 front back head serial #

Fender American Jazz FL front head serial #

Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray front head

Guild B4CE FL front back serial # label

Rickenbacker 4003 FL (1985) front back serial #

ZETA Performer Bass 304 (1999) front

Warwick Thumb 4 FL front serial #

Stentor Busetto