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I am a classically trained flautist, and used to play chamber music when I lived in England. I've not played much since moving to the USA in 1983, but still listen avidly to all music.

Between 1984 and 1991, I produced and hosted many radio shows for WMBR in Cambridge, and WICN a NPR station in Worcester, MA.

One of the most impressive musical events I've experienced was in 1989 when I saw the Otto Schenk production of Richard Wagner's "Das Ring die Nibelungen" at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City: four consecutive matinee performances in the spring, which involved driving from Nashua to arrive at the Met. in time for the start, usually around mid-day.

I also play the bass - I think this a reaction to the fact that I was never allowed to play in a rock-and-roll band when I was a teenager, and so I am now re-living a childhood dream.

Here are some of my bands:

Jim Kangas X-tet; 2 - Jazz Duo; 3 - Jazz Trio; Indian Hill Music Jazz Ensemble; The Chameleons.

Here are some pictures of the Chelmsford WinterRest - 2002. I also play at the Acton Jazz Cafe, and here's an example of what we sound like.

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